Moving Ideas Forward

What are we doing?

Motion (XMN) is moving to Revolutionize Crowdfunding by leveraging the best of blockchain technology in a Decentralized, Open Source Platform for Kicking Startups into High Gear! Crowdfunding for the People, by the People.


Bitcoin Heart

Because we love the philosophy of Bitcoin

Private Send

Privacy is our right, so Motion makes it easy to send your money anonymously

Just works

No clunky interface, Motion just works


A reward system based securing 1000 XMN coin as collateral to prevent sybil attacks. You can earn money while you help to secure the network.

Proof of Work (PoW)

The latest X16r algorithm to prevent ASIC miners making mining friendly for all gpu users

Smart Contracts

The XMN system has been designed to incorporate smart contracts using the RSK platform.

Motion Platform Simple Masternode Installer

Here at Motion, we believe that the adoption of Digital Assets is only going to come with a better, simpler user experience.

Deploy your Motion Masternode with 3 easy steps and in under 7 minutes by using our Masternode Installer Program.