What is Motion?

Motion (XMN) is a pathway for crowdfunding projects to gain funds via the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

With Motion, investors will be able to distribute their funds amongst Motion crowdfunding projects.
Having direct dealings with project teams gives an element of security for the investor.
Having direct supervision of your funds and milestones being met through delete a Smart Contract and the safety of the Motion Blockchain.
Eliminating the need for a third party, keeps the profits higher between projects and investors.

The end result is a customizable and transparent crowd funding platform. Now it is easy to buy bitcoin using credit card. This in turn makes Bitcoin investments easy for investors and helps them make quick payments in crowd funding platforms. Refer to how to buy bitcoin with credit card guide for more details.

Smart Contracts

Motion project’s crowdfunding platform, resolves these issues by giving assurance to the investors.
Motion’s platform uses Smart Contract Utilization to coordinate between investor and creator. (For Smart Contract definition please see ‘Definitions’)

Smart contract provides verifiable targets on project goals. These are validated by investors through the use of the Motion Masternode Network. All Smart Contracts are recorded and verified through the use of the Motion Blockchain.

This removes any insecurity that investors may have about investing into a project. Creators will have access to the Motion Platform Smart Contract Creation Tool.

Motion’s vision is for each contract to have four milestone goals, with each milestone hit, a portion of the investor funds will be released to the creator.

This will be verifiable by the investors through the use of Motion’s Masternode Network.

These transactions will be recorded on the blockchain via a smart contract to make sure all parties are kept informed and kept to their agreed contract.

Download our wallets

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Getting XNM is sipmpler than ever, You can get XMN from our current exchanges.

With many more to come...

Motion Platform Simple Masternode Installer

Here at Motion, we believe that the adoption of Digital Assets is only going to come with a better, simpler user experience.
Deploy your Motion Masternode with 3 easy steps and in under 7 minutes by using our Masternode Installer Program.

Motion One-Click Miner

The One-Click Miner is important to the Motion community.

Helping people of all skill levels have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the Motion network.

A One-Click miner application has been developed for those who want to participate in mining but would rather have a simple graphical interface rather than command line miner utilities.