Directory Lister - The simple PHP directory lister ================================================== Created by, [Chris Kankiewicz]( Introduction ------------ Directory Lister is a simple PHP script that lists the contents of any web-accessable directory and allows navigating there within. Simply upload Directory Lister to any directory and get immediate access to all files and sub-direcories under that directory. Directory Lister is written in PHP and distributed under the [MIT License]( Like this project? Want to keep it free? [Make a donation]($ChrisKankiewicz). More info available at Features -------- * Extremely simple installation * Creates on-the-fly listing of any web-accessable directory * Custimizable sort order of files/folders * Easily define hidden files to be excluded from the listing Requirements ------------ Directory Lister requires PHP 5.3+ to work properly. For more information on PHP, please visit . Installation ------------ 1. Copy `resources/default.config.php` to `resources/config.php` 2. Upload `index.php` and the `resources` folder to the folder you want listed 3. Upload additional files to the same directory as index.php Troubleshooting --------------- Ensure you have the latest version of Directory Lister installed. Verify that you have PHP 5.3 or later installed. You can verify your PHP version by running: php --version Contact Info ------------ Contact us via our mailling list at []( or [join our Google Group](!forum/directory-lister) online. Follow Directory Lister on Twitter at [@DirectoryLister]( or follow the developer at [@PHLAK]( Find a problem or bug with Directory Lister? [Open an issue]( on GitHub. License ------- Directory Lister is distributed under the terms of the [MIT License]( Copyright 2017 [Chris Kankiewicz](